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Holy birth and howling baby

In my back yard there are nuns who live in a shaded brick building next to the mouque and elementary scholl…

Together we rise when the sun in the sky…

Behind the kitchen curtain,in the damp haze of morning..

I watch them walk of side of blue robe..

They are cool,calm,n brisk..

Someday I’ll go see them

I ll ask for some letter or prayer

Because the thing is… I pray now

Not dear god almighty!

Just slow,easy,quite thoughts..

I pray when my patience is worn.

When my shoulders ache.

When my own voice becomes tiring to my ears.

I pray when my hearth sits heavy with stories and faces on women.

A prayer for the 30 week babe.

A prayer for lady with the skinny,squawking twins.

A prayer for the women without a mother,or a lover or a friend.

I pray when my cold hands run across a pregnant belly

And I feel a kick from the inside.

I pray for all my babies,be good to your mama.

I pray for all my mothers,be strong,be good to this baby.

I pray secretly and I pray slowly.

I pray for us,the midwives and almost midwives.

I pray that we make bright decisions.

And I pray for those of us who make bad decisions.

Decision we regret with outcomes we cant change.

I pray that we learn from our mistakes.

That with age comes wisdom.

I pray deeply and I pray completely.

For all of the hands and all of bellies.

I pray for holy births and howling babies.

Inspiration of hellen varney.CNM,MSN