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Help me Allah

It’s doing..i’m wake..and I’m late..i guest work..great,I didn’t look you since you said

that you didn’t want to see me again…yach..stylish and fungsional ,n I had to be bother if I comeback,may be latter…my sweet dream…if you die tonight and I ll take it but not a chance……..

If I wasn’t your friend..if I wasn’t your close friend and so…if I wasn’t your enemy,n now that no want will ever read my sing….last come the door…im still a little..a little chipmunk who can jump n up on the sky…wiil you jump?no..i ll be garbage..

I cant see..what..comon baby come true,…it’s the greatest in my life…here u are ..i ll catch you..but it s cant…coz he is coming true …wacth out genious ..its not happening and unnatural..this is amzing and pliz hurry back…don’t find the write sing then they take of…

And truly..absolutly..i start work tomorrow..want the plane that loop and loop and need I want the hulahoop..go on don’t be late...you get me failed …n no pressure..i am backing you!its my last teers…